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A central plank of our circle, these highly entertaining conversation evenings (“soirées de conversation”) provide the opportunity for members to practise French, and above all enjoy yourself by chatting with others, mostly in French, over a glass of wine, or a tea or coffee.

You do not need to be a fluent French speaker. There is always someone there to help you and no-one will criticise you if you make a mistake.

The conversation evenings are held in the homes of our members and, typically, last around two hours (although some have been known to go on a little longer!).

The “soirées”, like the conferences, are held on a Friday evening, usually once a month, and we normally find that between 10 and 20 people attend – just right for an intimate conversation!

The venues for our "soirées" are announced at the conferences.

(Please note that the venues of these conversation evenings, which are for members only, are not published on our website for security reasons).

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